8 weeks with ME: 

to LET OUT your TRUTH & LIVE the life of FREEDOM, LOVE & ABUNDANCE you were meant to.

YOU CANT DO THIS SHIT ANYMORE. How much longer are you going to keep your life under wraps??!! 

It’s BULLSHIT that so many of you think you have time. 



We all deserve a life of deep meaning, of valuable experience and most importantly, JOY LOVE & ABUNDANCE.

But we can’t have any of that shit if we aren’t truly madly deeply ALIGNED.

Losing my brother at 24 years old taught me one very fucking important thing.


And if we don’t take action, listen to our soul and follow our hearts, it will pass us by in the blink of an eye without the deep meaning we ALL have within us, to express in this life.

I want for you to live that truth to own your purpose, no matter what that shit is, and to live FULLY in life. 


Here’s what you will get THROWN the fuck into with GRACE: 

💥RECOGNIZE YOUR SOUL VOICE, tune into it and OUT of the ego voice that the majority of people operate from.

(You fucking NEED this first and foremost because if you are listening to the wrong fucking voice you are kinda screwed!)

💥RELEASE YOUR TIES to outside circumstances, people, the future, the past & be in your own damn energy.

(Basically this is how to not give a fuck about the world around you and tune into what you deeply desire)

💥Release the how and TRUST the MAGNIFICENT Universe!

(If we try to hold onto the way it SHOULD happen or the way we think it will we push away so much greatness that the Universe has in store for us, usually beyond our wildest dreams!)

💥Get YOUR ENERGY ALIGNED with your truth and purpose

(This will allow you to get CLEAR, crystal fucking clear, on what you want to CREATE in your life)

💥LET IT BE EASY and shift from struggle to FLOW

(Once all these pieces are in place, you will be able to SEE where you are making shit difficult and step into the desires of your heart without resistance or confinement) 

💥ACTIVELY CREATE your life from the inside out in LOVE MONEY and FAMILY 

So is this for you? It MAY be if….

🔸You feel a CALLING inside of you that has yet to be released

🔸You are on the VERGE of a breakthrough in life, love and business but it feels fucking lonely and you want SUPPORT

🔸You have been reading the damn spiritual and personal growth books forever and are ready to take some deep, amazing EPIC action that will change the course of your life FOREVER

🔸You want a TRIBE of other amazing like minded souls that will cheer you on, give you insights and support you on your way to stepping into the amazingness that you haven’t quite OWNED yet.

🔸Your BREATH is often taken away by fear and you cannot pinpoint why but it feels fucking uncomfortable and sucky and you want it to be DIFFERENT damn it

This will certainly NOT be for you if:

👎🏼You just want to keep reading all the damn books and not take action

👎🏼You are satisfied with the status quo life you live and aren’t interested in scary fucking leaps of FAITH

👎🏼You don’t want to dig any deeper than the surface shit, like, I am cool here just letting life happen to me and around me

It is cool.
Whatever way you lean.
We are all where we are.

But if you are ready, if the burning in your heart is fucking strong JOIN ME for:

  • 8 weekly LIVE sessions with content & HOT SEAT coaching: One hour or MORE if we are on a roll!

  • I show UP, answering your questions about the content each week & giving you ass kicking guidance!

  • Weekly journal prompts - EPIC activating prompts that will flip your world upside down! 

  • Weekly meditations. Intuitive SOUL meditations from my heart to yours that will guide you to unleashing the badass within

  • Weekly Group Art - interpreting the energy, flow, and inspired action of our group

  • Daily Inspiration - me in the group posting every damn day

  • An amazing Facebook group that will be your tribe and support system. 



Your SOUL is calling you to more & you KNOW it. 

No not just more… to YOU. 

To your deepest truest self that has been suffering behind the voice of alll the people that ever told you SHOULDS. 

Fuck that

It is time to DISCOVER and UNWRAP that inner truth that ONLY you have.🎁

It is time for you to live in the place and space of CREATING the life you truly desire.

You are likely older than 24 years old. You are fucking lucky, Now live like you MEAN it.

And say: UNLEASH ME🚀


Investment for this 8 weeks of EPICNESS is: $997

The “everyone loves this accessibility” payment plan $133 for 8 weekly payments

OR $255 for 4 biweekly payments


The time for YOU is NOW because seriously when the fuck else would it be.

Come UNLEASH yourself and allow this to cause a ripple effect throughout the whole damn world.

Shift your consciousness, SHIFT your VIBRATION and watch your world shift around you: In FAMILY, FINANCE & ROMANCE

This is YOUR life. YOU get to CHOOSE. CHOOSE from your SOUL 🙌🏻💗🚀