UNF*ck Your Relationship Mindset

Unlock the MAGIC to Connecting in LOVE 

1 Hour Workshop + GOODIES!!!

Maybe you are single. Maybe you are in a relationship.

Whatever the case you are seeking more than companionship,


CONNECTION is what you desire.

Of course you do. It is HUMAN. 

But there is something off and has been off for what seems like friggin FOREVER.


Because your mindset about relationships is all funky wompus..

The focus, the Intention, the Energy...is OFF

Because you have been taught to see relationships as a savior, as a filler, as a planet of passion - a high that you shouls never come down from (which PS it can be, but the shift MUST happen first)

Aren't you fucking SICK of having the same damn argument, the same icky fucking feelings, the same damn DATE. 

It is a freakin merry go round you can't get off of right? It just isn't clicking with anyone, or your partner, or YOU

Which is the most important freakin part of this equation. 

Something you neglected. 

So this workshop will bust through the shiz and deal with:

> How you approach relationships

> The way YOU show up in relationships

> Your projections you put on the other person

> Your EXPECTATIONS & the shit as shit that takes you down to the point of no return, of draining your energy.


So this IS FOR YOU if:

  • You find yourself running circles and not fully enjoying your relationship - the same constant shit comes up and you can't get out of the argument, the shitty vibe, the low energy and you are starting to not like that person you freakin sleeeeeeep next to

  • Sex kinda sucks no matter who it is, there is a disconnect between you and whoever you are boinking

  • You find yourself on the same damn date over and over again feeling the pressure of "this is it, this has to be it"

  • You are in a new relationship and you are slowly losing yourself, not knowing what you want anymore, you have lost your power.

  • You don't even know, you are at a fucking loss with all this relationship shit and feel like a year of single should be on your to do list.


Like I always say and it is no different with relationship. you life is motherfriggin SHORT and it is time to take action - no more beating around the damn bush.

DIVE into the BUSH

Ya know metaphorical or literalLY. LOL.

You know you deserve the connection.

water hand.jpg

You know you deserve to FEEL GOOD 

You have done sooo much inner work, or at least read the damn books and they aren't answering your freakin questions, anymore.


Because you are still operating from the story of your parents, or the prince (princess) charming "ideals"

And you can FEEL a change coming,  you know that the TRUTH for you is in there....but it's being a little pisser.

Join US in breaking through the shit that is holding you back from truly enjoying your relationship, your sex, your SELF. 


Whatcha get:

  • Access to the 1 hour workshop

  • Access to a 10 day FB group of support and Q &A

  • Journal prompts & worksheet for accessing the deepest bad ass version of your relationship SELF.

  • PRE - work will be happening SO GET IN NOW!


INVESTMENT: $88 or 2 payments of $48

ADD on a personal 44 min relationship session + $222