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Step Into Your Power, Create Your Dreams + 5 Simple Steps to Begin

Step Into Your Power, Create Your Dreams + 5 Simple Steps to Begin

Every day you have a choice.


A choice to either :

Honor your potential and strive toward your dreams, or

Desperately hold on to your current situation - even if your life is not as great as you wish it was.


In other words - you can be satisfied or not, joyful or not, fulfilled or not.


But do you even know what you truly want out of life? If you do, have you made a plan that will allow you to get it?


Some days the vision we have is crystal clear - and our belief that we can ATTAIN that beautiful dream is unshakable.


But many days - like when the kids are sick, and the washing machine breaks, and we trip and drop the groceries when we come in the front door - our vision is cloudy, and our self-confidence is less than zero.


We know how you feel.


For many years we allowed our lives to be limited by fear.


We let ourselves be ruled by other people’s opinions and values.


We focused on things we didn’t want to have, people we didn’t want to know, and goals we didn’t want to reach.




In julie’s case, she thought that if she focused on all the things she was “supposed” to focus on (all the “right” things) she could control them. And then she could control her life, and her life’s journey. But this only left her powerless to control even herself.


For Andy, there was a need to find something to “hold onto” - an idea or belief that would always stay the same and could be used as a source of self-identity. This fear of change and of the future led him down a road of depression and anxiety.


Eventually we realized that our power comes from WITHIN OURSELVES.


The illusion of control over outside forces - or the need for these forces to define us - only serves to disempower us. The power within us can move mountains...or, as in our case, it can be harnessed to move us and our family over mountains and across the country from Pennsylvania to Oregon.


We moved so we could transform an “OK” existence into an extraordinary life - a life that we built around our goals and desires (not somebody else’s) - a life that was exciting, fulfilling, and joyful.


We did this despite being scared out of our wits!


Every day we strive to find that inner power that allows us to stay present in the “here and now”

It helps us appreciate how far we have already come and inspires optimism about the future.


This is what works for us.


We could sit here and tell you that you will get through any difficulty with time.


We could tell you to find the power that you contain within yourself.


But we know what it’s like to be in a place of overwhelming struggle and uncertainty.


We know how hard it can be to run a business, raise a family, stay attentive to your romantic partner, AND maintain a healthy practice of self-care.


We know how difficult it can be to even get started.


But we can help.


Do you want to create a life that is emotionally, spiritually, and financially stable AND fulfilling?


A life that has everything you want - freedom, peace, happiness.


We can help guide you.

(Read the 5 Steps below then click here to go even further!) 

We can help YOU guide YOURSELF, because only you know exactly what your desired life looks like.


We can help you get past all the doubt that has been instilled in you throughout your life - doubt that says other people know best how to live your life.


We can share with you the tools and strategies that will move you forward into a life you truly desire.


The key is - You!


Are you ready to step into your power by releasing beliefs that are holding you back?


Are you ready to step up and reach for the life of your dreams?


Here are five actionable steps that serve us on our journey - steps that we want to share with you.


1.) Be your truth. Develop a system for recognizing when a thought is not serving you. You have undoubtedly heard that “attitude is everything.” This is absolutely true. A positive outlook is far more conducive to finding solutions to problems. Keep your mind clear of negativity in relation to your goals for the future. A physical reference - a colorful wristband or a crystal or pretty stone in your pocket - can be used as an ever-present reminder to make choices that are in line with what YOU want and what YOU need to create your best day, your best week, and your best life. Pause to touch or look at this item when you are confronted with doubt or fears or uncertainty in a situation. This allows you to step back and honestly assess the circumstances. Then you will be more clear-headed in determining the best action(s) to take - the one(s) that will lead you in the direction YOU want to go. DO THIS ASAP: Grab that reminder put it on you or in your pocket in the next week and connect it to a mantra that empowers you.

2.) Be action-oriented. Every action brings about a reaction. What action can you take today - right now - to bring about the results you want to create? It can be small and subtle or large and obvious. Remember that a series of small steps will bring about big changes. Thirty minutes of self-care, or reaching out to a close friend, or confiding your dilemma to your partner, or making that first post on Facebook Live are all ways to steer your life in the direction that you want to go. The key is to keep moving. Don’t let life go on around you without putting your own personal mark on it. Be your life’s most positive and active influence. DO THIS ASAP: Pick something that freaks you out a little (or a lot!) and put it on your calendar to do in the next week.

3.) Visualize. Wake up and - before you get out of bed - focus on what your dream life looks like. Be as specific as possible. Do you want to live somewhere else? Imagine how it feels to be there. Do you want more financial freedom? Feel that sense of security and joy. Do you want more time for just you and your partner - time without the kids or other family? Let yourself believe it exists already. Visualizing what you want will not bring it into reality without work on your part. But we want you to search your mind and heart for what exactly it is that you want and to concentrate on how it will feel to achieve it. This will motivate you into action, and it will help you discover what you need to do in order to bring about the desired results. DO THIS ASAP: Practice visualizing for 5 minutes as soon as you wake up. Do it for a minimum of three days. Then try for five. Eventually you can make this a habit that you do every morning. 

4.) Recognize the proof. Take the time to appreciate how often you have gotten through difficult times and situations. You have gotten yourself through 100% of the problems you have been confronted with - you know that, because you’re still here! Make a list of challenges you have met, and refer to it often - especially when you are struggling. Remember that transformations are spurred on by these difficult times, and they played a big part in shaping you into the person you are now. Times of growth and change are rarely pretty, but they are vital. You can get through any rough patch you are experiencing now - or in the future. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. DO THIS ASAP: Write down your proof and post it on your wall somewhere that you will see it everyday!

5.) Find Your Resolve...and Reassert it. If you want to change your life, you need to confirm your commitment to do so today. And you need to reconfirm it tomorrow. And again the day after that. It is the daily reassertion that you have made the resolution to change that will allow you to do so. Believing in yourself today is just the start. Finding that belief - and recognizing it and FOCUSING on it - every day is the base on which you begin to build the new life you’re searching for. DO THIS ASAP: Make yourself a recommitment mantra that is short and sweet but reminds you to focus on today so you can step into your POWER!

(Want more? Join us for the FREE training here)

Apply these strategies to your life, and notice how they strengthen your spirit.


By changing your perspective on your life, they allow you to begin to step into your power and own those dreams that set your heart and soul on fire.


While honoring the past, you are ready to step forward into your future.


Julie asks you to read the following inspirational words from her dearly departed brother - words he wrote to a friend just prior to embarking on a journey to India for a year.


She hopes you will let them empower you through your journey to the beautiful life you wish to create :


“We all do not like sudden changes, but we have to conquer our fears, for they are nothing but our mental interior walls that need to be knocked down - not built up. Do not build up your wall, but leave behind the comforts and safety of your confines. I know it is a big step - and a sudden one - but trust your instincts.

You learn so much about yourself and the world. Reflection, observation, and a simpler, slower lifestyle…

Embark on your journey, and only look forward. Not too fast, but not too slow. It is the ones who remain idle that get lost in the memories of the past and not the dreams of the future. We, as human beings, need to dream again once more…” ~ Christopher Belfoure


Living for the End Game, Enjoying the Ride

 I've been thinking a lot lately about my "life's work". A brief history : I've had a few different "careers". Each time I ended one, it was in (frequently mutual) disgust, and each time I entered a new one, it was with excitement that THIS would bring me the life of my dreams. My current career - that of being life coach and personal growth guy - began with the promise of showing me the answers to all my questions about existence. I wrote about life experience, I wrote about seeking a deeper meaning in life and all of its components, I bore my heart and soul, I shared about recovery, and I shared about truths that were revealed through these processes. 

    It was gratifying and cathartic. I was relieved of many burdens as I helped others navigate life's challenges. It felt good to be honest (at times, painfully so) , and it felt good to serve my fellow man. 

    Then the work began. 

    When I say this is my life's work, I am implying that there is an income that results from my efforts. And when I intend to earn a living at something, it implies I have something of value to provide those who would pay me. This means I need to research and model myself after those who have walked this path before me, dig endlessly within to find my connection and truth through these people, learn how to lead meditation, perform reiki, hold retreats, speak at crowded seminars, write books, inspire thousands to heed the wisdom of my words....

    Holy shit! I want to go back to what I did before!

    I aspire to positively affect others, the way some of my heroes - Toni Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Mastin Kipp, etc - have (I won't even mention the Big Boys - Buddha, the Dalai Lama, Jesus Christ). I try to be inspired by all they have done, and yet I find myself envious of all that they have achieved and doubt that I will ever attain that level of service. 

    Part of the reason I got into this line of work was to do something that actually means something to me. And because I felt I needed to start giving back to the universe that has provided me with so many gifts and gotten me through so many messes. But I listen to a guy like Brendon Burchard (another hero of mine) say "Live. Love. Matter" and I feel this intense urgency to do great things RIGHT NOW!!!

    Of course, the greatest thing a person can do is : on a daily basis, find forgiveness for yesterday's mistakes, aspire to be the greatest self today, and prepare for the unknown challenges that will come tomorrow. If you do this every day of your life, people will be talking about you and the fantastic accomplishments you achieved in your lifetime long after you're gone. 

    But when I have a few hours alone - the kids and wife are gone for the afternoon, and I have no specific deadlines to meet, do I make the best use of every minute that I have? Do I read the book by Dr Daniel Amen that I've been meaning to read? Do I watch an online inspirational video by Gabrielle Bernstein or Marie Forleo? Do I look at the latest post by Tim Ferriss? Do I take the time to let some or all of this new, highly valued information soak into my bones and affect my life? Or do I watch Sons of Anarchy while thinking that there is NO WAY Eckert Tolle would waste his time this way?

    The answer is : yes. 

    I do all of these things, and sometimes I do one thing to an extent that I can't get to the other things. And sometimes it feels incredibly overwhelming to have so many high aspirations and so few hours in the day. And sometimes I ask - "Why do I waste time on the trivial, mundane, uninspiring clutter that does nothing to lift me up spiritually?"

    It's because that inane garbage is vacuous content that gives my brain a rest from the hard work I put it through. If I aspire to one day be on par with some of the awesome people I mentioned earlier, I have to do it my way, following the path the universe lays out for me. And if a day goes by where the only tangible thing I do is write a blog post, then that's ok. 

    The effort life requires is enough without the added burden of the guilt I lay on myself because I think I should have done more. The self-deprecation that follows will make me wallow in self-created failure.  

    And there is no failure! Only giving up. 

    I choose to do neither. 

    Nor should you. So, the next time you find yourself "wasting" a few minutes, hours, or days by not pursuing your ultimate goals, remember : it's all a process, life takes as much time as it takes, and pushing too hard can cause it to push back. If you focus too hard on the endgame, you may miss the ride. And, really, that's what life is all about - the ride, mistakes and all.