The old warrior woman steps up and shows her strength, she flexes her muscles and digs deep into the forces of doing, what her body can do, what her fingers can type and write, what her emotions can accomplish, what she can influence with her words.

This is the old way of doing. The way of putting force kinetic energy and watching things move because of effort. It exhausts the physical and mental body. It relies solely on what it can see with the eyes. 

The heart is there but it is not being used. 

The soul is there but it is being silenced by the doing.

The energy network is vibrating but under a sheath of tasks and to dos.

It is time to work from a new ENERGY, a new FORCE that never exhausts and only gives MORE and offers DEEPER.

This is the way of the NEW WARRIOR WOMAN.

She knows that to move any creation forward in a sustainable way it must come from the state of her BEING within.

If she desired to create a business she must BE the energy of that business.

If she desires abundance she must BE the energy of the truest nature of abundance.

If she desires to have a loving, romantic dream relationship she must BE that herself first.

She lives in the QUANTUM. 

What does such a thing mean? 

She chooses the reality she wants to live in and FEELS that state deeply, in her mind AND her body. It is visceral. 

She holds certainty and FAITH with an ease and expectation of always embodying her desires & watching them be brought into the physical but simply the intention.

She KNOWS she can change the world but not by doing doing doing, but dropping in, to getting in TOUCH with her SOUL and following ALL directions from it. 

This means she is in a CONSTANT state of dropping the bullshit: the doubts, the comparisons, the judgments of self & others, the negativity. All this CRAP is dropped at the door and…

SOUL takes over. She listens and even though she may feel AWKWARD as fuck she does it anyways….why?

Because she was CALLED to this world to do this work of being a leader of changing the damn world from her INNER state, because that is where it ALL begins.

Yes things are “DONE” but only when they are FIRST divined and felt in the QUANTUM.

So, are YOU one that has been called? Can you feel it in your BONES?

I know you can.

You think differently.

You feel weird about it some days.

Yet, you know that it is FOR you.

The New Warrior Woman: Soul Deepening EXPERIENCE.

Is going to be a fucking EPIC rising of consciousness & container for the GROWTH & EXPANSION of your INNER world.

To tap into those gifts, to grow your confidence, by BEING confident (yes I said that.)

To EMBODY this unique person you came here to BE.

And to DESIGN your own INNER action plan to bring your GIFTS to the world in the most powerful way: guided by FAITH & CERTAINTY.



 to Tap into the DEEP knowings.

 To be guided by SOUL.

 To EXPERIENCE oneness

 To hold space for your VISION to grow.

 To CLAIM your rightful place in the having of your DESIRES: fulfillment, money, love, JOY.

In these 6 weeks you will be SURPRISED and OVERJOYED by the gifts that the Universe can bestow on you when you get into full ALIGNMENT.

As well as.

A HIGH VIBE Community

Weekly LIVE Training Calls

A 20 minute one on one call with me to get CLARITY & an INTUITIVE SOUL download from mine to yours.

*** ADDED *** All 6 WEEKS includes daily messaging support from ME!

Meditations & Practices to get you practiced in getting into ALIGNMENT & FLOW.

And other randomness & FUN of course…

Because THAT is how the NEW WARRIOR WOMAN operates -

with lightness, with ease, with an intention that life is short

and all the FUN must be had in order to live this one life FULLY.

I am holding space for those who are called, divined and CERTAIN that they are here for a reason, here to RISE and all the while RAISING the consciousness of the WORLD, 

which is the ONLY way that shit is going to change, with you, by you, of you, because YOU.

We begin 7.22.19 

MAGIC AWAITS for those answering the CALL 


Julie Bel

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You feel it inside you

It wants to come out

You have felt it on the surface

You have taken steps towards your dreams

You have dabbled in manifesting, parking spots are a breeze

You keep feeling the pull to be yourself with NO limitations

You feel the draw to kick the rules to the CURB

You believe deeply in the Universe the Cosmos the Source from which you came


And it is calling you


And here I am to tell you its not BULLSHIT

And it will haunt you like the fucking monster under your bed if you don’t UNLEASH that beast


I am here to guide you  and kick your ASS to GREATNESS & to



To feel more deeply to your purpose

To connect more deeply to your soul

To love that part of you that you have been ignoring for so long

To show you how to energetically connect with your truth and live from your SOUL


This is one on one intensive shit. This is the shit that greatness if created of


I will push you to see ALL the parts of you

I will push you to STRETCH yourself

I will teach you to LISTEN more deeply


I will show you how YOU create in your OWN way from your SOUL


And how to create the life you DESIRE in life, love, money and family

To actually move forward in that dream business you desire AND see it WORK for you

To actually be OPEN to the romantic relationship you desire

To actually find EASE in parenthood and marriage


And all the in between


But most importantly to LIVE FROM THE TRUTH OF YOUR SOUL

To shift your MINDSET

To do the INNER WORK


To live in FULL FAITH


To feel ECSTATIC about being you and SHINING out to the world


Your light is meant for the world

It is your time to shine

And I am fucking psyched that you are ready to take ACTION on your DREAMS

They are a REALITY

Waiting to be BIRTHED

It is TIME.

The world is READY. Are YOU?


And now this: 

A letter UNLEASHED from my SOUL to YOURS:

I see you. 
The whole you.
The good enough you. 
The worthy you. 

I know you may be just skimming the edges of the possibility of the entirety that is you. 

You experience glimpses each day. 

You feel it coming through, bubbling up inside of you. 

It seems to be fighting every damn thing you have ever known; been taught. 

The pain is mounting, the pain of staying still. 

You are on a merry go round of being sick & exhausted at dodging those feelings once again, hiding behind the façade of beliefs you have adopted blindly & innocently. 

You want to release them, you feel that FREEDOM in your heart is coming closer to the surface. 

And you, you are waking up in the SAME fucking energy, the mundane, the lower vibe shit that you KNOW is not for you, yet you wake up with it again and again. And you KNOW it is time for something fucking new and vibrant and TRUE to your SOUL.

I hear you I was you, confined by the lies of the world that were slowly crushing the soul that knew no limits. 

And you are waking up to the truth, to that feeling of fucking amazing. To the knowing that you can be more of who you are and live in that joy and expansion. 

Waking up NOW to knowing you can have every damn thing you want. 

You have manifested shit before with nothing but being YOU. 
You are seeing the possibilities. 

But you wake up saying – how? but how? 

And you feel alone, because the people around you don’t mirror the callings of your soul. There is something shifting, something great coming. 

I know that feeling. It is slow torture that starves the soul of its truest deepest desires and loves. 

And it is dying to be released, right? To be felt, expressed, loved, embraced, heard. 

And not only heard but ALLOWED to express the bravery of the soul to SHINE THROUGH the bullshit.

To let the world hear in your soul in the capacity it was meant to. 
You weren’t born to follow to crowd, and you never have, because it felt like SHIT to conform. 
Shining brightly, even though it is SCARY feels...

So. Much. Better.

You know you are loved deep down, and you are ready to feel that while NOT giving a FUCK what anyone else thinks. 

The callings of your soul were meant to be heard by the love AND the haters, all for the purpose of growth. 

To share your soul fully with the fucking world & to connect with the souls it was meant to, like mine connects with yours now. 

To be with and serve with your amazing fucking Unique, ONLY you purpose that is here to contribute to the healing of the hurting world. 

Maybe it is time to start living and UNLEASH your magic, your art, your love, your SOUL EXPRESSION. Fully. NOW. 

Why? Oh I forgot that part because I KNOW you want to feel


RIght? DUH. Of course.

I love you. 
I can’t wait to see your soul.
<3 Julie Bel





(12) 50 Minute Phone or Skype Sessions

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  • EPIC SOUL growth, expansion & FREEDOM

  • I am on your team! Encouragement, listening & NO judgement!

  • Self-Care routines to implement so you can be your best self

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  • Weekly Action Steps (Homework)

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  • Effective Tools to move you in the direction you desire in your life

  • Strategies for growth, expansion & FREEDOM

  • Self-Care routines to implement so you can be your best self

  • Assessment of Eating, Sleeping & Exercise Habits

  • Unlimited Email/Messenger Support

  • Weekly Action Steps (Homework)

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  • Codependency Recovery Strategies

  • Self-Care routines to implement so you can be your best self

  • Assessment of Eating, Sleeping & Exercise Habits

  • UNLIMITED Email & Messenger Support

  • Weekly Action Steps (Homework)

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